Large Group Fishing Charters

Our Delray Beach fishing charters can easily accommodate large groups of people, and we
have vast experience doing it. We will arrange multiple boats to take your
group out to sea. We have a massive fleet of fishing boats, so it does not
matter how many people are in your party - we can carry them all.

There are two ways to do this successfully, and they depend on your requirements:

If you need your group to stay together then
we can offer you our private Delray Beach drift fishing charters, which consist
of a head boat or party boat. This involves taking the boat out, switching off
the engine and drifting. Everybody has the opportunity to throw their lines
into the water and catch fish, having a fantastic time while doing so. The
experience on these boats is vastly different to going out on our sports
fishing boats. The chance to catch more exciting fish – such as sailfish,
mahi-mahi, tuna and swordfish - is limited. This is because special equipment
and techniques are required to catch them, and drifting on the water makes
utilizing them impossible.

Our honest advice is to split your group into teams and go out on our sports boats. We are
adept at creating activities that ensure a feeling of togetherness, and these
exercises are extremely popular with our Delray Beach team building and
corporate fishing charters for that exact reason. We have numerous variations
available, and are able to customize them to suit the needs of your large
group; but they generally consist of fishing tournaments between teams on
different boats to catch the most fish, a certain fish species or the largest
fish. We have other creative and exciting competitions too. Constant radio
contact keeps the competition alive, the group working together as one; and
everybody has the most adventurous and exhilarating time imaginable.

Contact us today to plan your Delray Beach Large Group Fishing Charter to enthral your large group.