Delray Beach Dolphin Fishing

Commonly referred to as mahi-mahi, Delray Beach dolphin fishing is practically
unbeatable. The experience of catching one of the most beautiful fish living in
the seas around Delray Beach is very exciting. They have green and blue fins
that are spectacularly complimented with their bright yellow bellies; and they
have a uniquely blunt-shaped head, with an elegant body shape that tapers into
their tails – making them easy to identify by even the novice angler.

Usually, mahi-mahi caught off the coast of Delray Beach weigh between fifteen and thirty
pounds. This makes catching a legal size dolphin a real possibility, which you
can then take home for lunch or dinner. We highly suggest their delicate white
meat in tacos. It is absolutely delicious!

Some interesting Delray Beach dolphin fishing facts:

  • Mahi-mahi is typically caught while trolling offshore, but kite fishing is also an
    extremely successful method to use.
  • Delray Beach dolphin season begins in May and ends in October.
  • Ballyhoo is a snack that mahi-mahi really struggle to resist.
  • Dolphins swim in schools. When you see one then there are several others nearby. We
    frequently have three or four Delray Beach mahi-mahi on our lines at the same
  • Mahi-mahi can be found swimming near weed lines or feeding on their favourite flying
  • Birds are a great indication that mahi-mahi are swimming close by.
  • Once hooked, Delray Beach dolphins perform exhilarating acrobatics shows for their

Generally, our Delray Beach dolphin fishing charters target mahi-mahi during their season,
and usually on our charters that are six hours or longer. This enables us to
reach their feeding grounds and troll there. All the anglers aboard our Delray
Beach mahi-mahi fishing boats have the advantage of our fishing captains sharing
their knowledge with them. This is fantastic, as all our Delray Beach fishing
captains are experts at dolphin fishing.

Book your Delray Beach Dolphin Fishing Charter today to have this amazing fishing experience.