Delray Beach Kingfish Fishing

Delray Beach kingfish fishing

All our Delray Beach fishing charters offer you a fantastic opportunity to catch some
kingfish. It makes no difference if your charter is four hours, six hours or
even eight hours long. They can be caught close to shore, which makes kingfish
a perfect target for our shorter fishing charters.

Delray Beach kingfish migrate to our shores during the summer, ranging in size between
five and thirty pounds. Otherwise called king mackerel because they belong to
the mackerel family; they are silver with scaly bodies. Their flesh is rather
oily, making them unpopular with our Delray Beach locals as dinner fish. Some
people find them delicious however, and they are definitely edible.

Delray Beach kingfish provide anglers with a great deal of excitement as they are
extremely fast fish. Rivalling wahoo in speed, our kingfish charters get
exhilarated watching them. The kingfish of Delray Beach are most successfully
caught while trolling frozen or live bait. It is critically important to use
and rig the correct bait, because they love to bite off the tail ends. Specialized
knowledge is required to catch kingfish, as they are renowned for their
fussiness regarding the way the bait mimics the swimming movements of their
natural prey. This skill has been mastered by our Delray Beach kingfish charter
captains, and they will gladly share their expertise with you.

Call us to book your Delray Beach Kingfish Fishing Charter and we will show you how to catch them.