Delray Beach Marlin Fishing

Delray Beach marlin fishing

Before attempting to go fishing for marlin in Delray Beach, there is something really
important to remember: marlin is rare, very rare. Never an abundant fish to
begin with, they have suffered tremendously from over-fishing and are rather
difficult to find and catch. Typically, we only find blue and white marlin in
the Delray Beach area. Black or striped marlin is even rarer to spot. Our
Delray Beach marlin fishing charters understand this, and will help you to beat
these odds.

Marlin come to Delray Beach as part of their migration in the Gulf Stream current, and are
generally caught farther offshore; out of the range of our shorter fishing
charters. It is more probable that you will catch other species of billfish,
such as swordfish and sailfish. However, this does not mean that you will never
catch a marlin. Understanding them will increase your chances enormously.

Extremely efficient hunters, marlin exists high up in the ocean food chain. Their speed
is unequalled by most fish, allowing them to evade predators and catch prey
very effectively. They can swim underwater at speeds of 70mph (which is fast,
really fast). They have a world-wide reputation as giants of the deep, which
they truly are. There is a story called The Old Man and the Sea, written by Ernest Hemingway; that tells the tale of an aged fisherman stranded on a tiny boat in the vastness of the ocean. His battle with a giant
marlin has gained these elusive fish access into the minds of millions, and
solidified their mystery status. Marlin has been known to pull fishing boats
through the water for mile upon mile, carrying them immense distances. Massive,
extremely beautiful fish; marlin has become an icon for sports fishing in
Delray Beach.

If you are serious about catching a marlin fish, then our Delray Beach marlin fishing
expeditions will travel far offshore with you. You need to be in depths between
600ft and 1 000ft of water, at least. Ideally, it is best to sail to the
Bahamas side of the Gulf Stream, as opposed to the Delray Beach side. We offer
Bahamas fishing charters from Delray Beach and will take you on your marlin

Marlin enjoys frozen bait and lures but, like other billfish species, live bait works
far better. Our Delray Beach marlin fishing captains find that combining small
tuna and skipjacks with a skirt helps to attract marlin as well as protect your

The most important thing to remember when hunting marlins is their incredible speed.
This knowledge will either catch you one, or ensure you do not catch any. They
can move faster than any boat you will likely be travelling in and are very
particular about their food. If it does not move naturally then they simply
will not bite it. Between seven knots and fifteen knots is the speed you need
to troll at. If you are slower than seven knots then other fish will eat the
bait set out for your marlin, and your marlin will not even bother looking at
it anyway; because it will not resemble their natural food. Faster than fifteen
knots is equally disastrous. Your bait will fall apart and look exactly like
bait is being pulled through the water. Your marlin will not touch it because
it looks unnatural swimming like that.

Call us today to book your Delray Beach Marlin Fishing Charter and we will help you catch your marlin.