Delray Beach Sailfish Fishing

Delray Beach sailfish fishing

It is really easy to understand why sailfish fishing is such a popular activity in
Delray Beach. Remarkable fish, sailfish belong to the billfish family and have
massive dorsal fins that look like the sail of a sailboat – hence their name.
They are also extremely beautiful with their long bodies, giant fins, elongated
bills and magnificent blue, black and silver hues. Easily one of Delray Beach's
most spectacular fish, sailfish are also absolutely exhilarating, enchanting,
challenging and very exciting fish to target.

Delray Beach sailfish are very big fish, weighing over 200lbs as adults and over ten
feet in length. Like their billfish relation the marlin, sailfish also reach
speeds of 70mph underwater; making them one of the fastest fish in the oceans.
They also have very unique camouflage abilities. They can change colours
without difficulty; confusing both prey and predators alike. The lowering or
raising of their sail confounds them further and makes sailfish highly
efficient hunters and evaders.

Delray Beach sailfish are intelligent predators and require deception, specialized
equipment and techniques to catch them successfully. Our Delray Beach sailfish
fishing captains are experts at deceiving them, and will teach you exactly how
to fool them too. Kite fishing and dredge fishing, using live bait, are the two
most efficient ways to catch sailfish.

Our Delray Beach sailfish fishing charters attach live bait to long lines, which we
suspend from a kite that is flown behind the boat. This technique keeps the
bait near the surface of the water and it look like the fish is panicking.
Naturally, this interests the larger predators below enormously; and when a sailfish
takes the bait, then the line will break free from the kite; allowing you to
reel them in.

Dredge fishing is also extremely effective. Holding multiple baits attached to the
dredge (which is an umbrella-looking device) and trolling this through the
water creates the effect of a school of fish swimming through the water. This
is simply irresistible for sailfish. They will rather go for lots of fish,
which ensures they definitely get one, than target a single fish.

When sailfish take the lines of our Delray Beach fishing charters, we rejoice in the
majesty of the sight. Sailfish hunt in schools, so there are always several
around at one time. It is not uncommon for us to have numerous sailfish on our
lines simultaneously. There are no words to describe this spectacle. Sailfish
are extremely acrobatic and jump high out of the water, and it is simply
breath-taking to witness their display of colour, agility, beauty and
endurance. We really do advise bringing a camera on our Delray Beach sailfish
charters as this is something that is simply amazing. Capturing the moment in
vivid techno-colour will keep these memories alive with you. These occurrences
are the reason that Delray Beach has such a fantastic reputation for sailfish
fishing, and the cause of the numerous billfish tournaments in Delray Beach and
the surrounding areas.

Contact us now to book your Delray Beach Sailfish Fishing Charter to witness the beauty of them.