Delray Beach Shark Fishing

Delray Beach shark fishingShark fishing is one of the most popular Delray Beach fishing charters on offer. Delray Beach has some of the most fantastic shark fishing results, which is proved by the enthusiasm for shark fishing that the locals have. There is no experience that compares with fighting the creature that is at the top of the food chain.

Delray Beach is a hotbed for shark species. Mako sharks, hammerhead sharks and bull sharks are the most commonly caught, but there are several other varieties too. Our Delray Beach fishing charters have a deep knowledge about their habits; and we know exactly where to find and catch them – we are experts at it.

Most of the sharks we catch are found a mile or two offshore. They travel the Gulf Stream during their migration which brings them close to Delray Beach. There are literally millions of sharks every year. This makes our Delray Beach shark fishing charters successful during short trips (and most definitely longer trips too), as we do not need to travel far offshore to encounter these predators of the ocean.

Delray Beach shark fishing is a thrilling challenge. Extremely strong and incredibly fast fish, successfully catching a shark requires the correct usage of
specialized equipment and tackle. Tournament grade equipment is fitted onto all our boats, and our Delray Beach fishing captains are highly adept shark

Here is a little information on the four most common sharks found in Delray Beach:

Delray Beach Hammerhead Sharks

Hammerheads owe their name to their distinctive hammer-shaped heads. Their mouths are
smaller than those of other shark species, and they tend to do most of their
hunting near the bottom of the ocean. Delray Beach hammerhead sharks hunt alone
at night, but prefer the company of others during the day when we find them in
schools. They range in size, and we usually catch hammerheads that weigh a few
hundred pounds or more. A fully grown hammerhead can weigh as much as 1 000lbs.

Delray Beach Mako Sharks

Catching a mako shark in Delray Beach is very difficult. They are a threatened species
with a population that is in steady decline. When we do hook a mako shark, we
always release it safely and unharmed. Among the fastest sharks in the ocean,
mako sharks have been known to reach speeds of nearly 50mph.

Delray Beach Thresher Sharks

With tails that resemble a Thresher – a farming device used to separate grain farm stalks
– thresher sharks are massive indeed. They have been known to weigh over a ton,
but those we find off Delray Beach tend to be smaller than that. Generally,
thresher sharks are found farther offshore, starting at the drop-off into the
Gulf Stream and extending out into depths of about 1 500ft. Tuna and mackerel
are their staple diet, and squid are considered a real delicacy to thresher
sharks; which is why our Delray Beach thresher shark fishing charters prefer to
use live squid to bait them with.

Delray Beach Bull Sharks

Bull sharks are instinctively aggressive hunters; preferring birds, fish, turtles and
virtually anything else that is edible. Unfortunately, bull sharks have a bad
reputation because they are attracted to shallow water; where they come into
contact with people. They are also extremely huge sharks and have been found to
weigh over a ton. Delray Beach bull sharks are usually around 500lbs in size,
and have extreme power in their muscular bodies. Bull sharks are adapted to
survive in both saltwater and freshwater, which is how they are able to swim
upstream after prey – and they are highly territorial, making them solitary
fish. Wrecks and reefs around Delray Beach are frequently inhabited by the same
bull sharks for years.

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