Delray Beach Swordfish Fishing

Delray Beach swordfish fishingDefinitely one of the most thrilling fishing charters we offer, Delray Beach swordfish are sure to excite even the most experienced anglers. Identified by their long bill or "sword", swordfish are broadbill fish belonging to the billfish family. Swordfish are ferocious, using their swords to slash and kill their prey. Contrary to popular opinion, swordfish do not use their bills to spear fish.

Popular on both our day fishing charters and our night fishing ones, we recommend swordfish for anybody wishing to experience fishing in the dark. It is truly fantastic, and really explosive. Delray Beach swordfish are generally found farther offshore in deeper waters. It takes our Delray Beach fishing charters longer to get there, burning extra fuel in the process. This is why targeting swordfish is often more expensive than hunting other fish species.

A breath-taking experience, swordfish fishing in Delray Beach should not be missed. Reeling these enormous fish through the depths of the ocean is a challenge for any angler. Found at depths ranging from hundreds of feet to thousands of feet, Delray Beach swordfish weigh anything between 200lbs and 500lbs. Our customers often beg us to help them reel in these monsters with our electric reels. Swordfish charters are totally exhilarating and are highly recommended.

The bait of preference for any of Delray Beach swordfish fishing charters is live squid.
Swordfish simply cannot resist them, and it is a frequent occurrence for us to
bring lots of them back to our docks. The white meat of the swordfish is
divine. We will cut them up and package them at the dock before recommending
the top seafood restaurants in Delray Beach that offer your catch for dinner.
We strongly suggest grilling their delicious meat.

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