Delray Beach Tarpon Fishing

Delray Beach tarpon fishing

Delray Beach is one of the best places to catch tarpon. These fish are simply
magnificent and have become somewhat of icon in Delray Beach. These massive,
silvery fish are intelligent and courageous – pitting themselves against our
anglers in a superb contest of strength. They fight so hard that they jump
really high out of the water, accomplishing amazing flips and rolls.

Tarpon can easily grow into eight foot long giants. Delray Beach tarpon generally range
between five and seven feet, and are as heavy as 250lbs. With their blue or
green hues and shiny scales all over their bodies, tarpon are truly spectacular
animals. They are found all along the coastlines of the United States, and are
very common in the Atlantic Ocean. Surprisingly – many people do not know this
– you have a far greater chance of catching a tarpon inshore; on the rivers,
canals and ocean inlets.

Delray Beach has many fishing charters focusing exclusively on tarpon fishing. All of
our fishing captains have vast tarpon knowledge and experience. In fact, most
of them have their own top-secret tarpon fishing spots.

Tarpon fishing is such a versatile fishing sport that we can accommodate requests for tarpon
charters that use light tackle on small boats. Or, we can use our larger boats
too. All of our charters are private, and fully customizable to maximize your
fishing pleasure.

Delray Beach plays host to tarpon throughout the year, but your best time to catch
them is in winter and spring. Tarpon migrate south in winter to escape the cold
weather, and return north during summer.

Remember, tarpon are gigantic and extremely powerful. You can use any type of rod or reel
to catch them, but cheap ones might easily get snapped in two while fighting

Here is our biggest tarpon fishing tip: live bait works best. Our Delray Beach tarpon
fishing charters use live shrimps, crabs and pilchards. Tarpon can be caught on
frozen bait or lures, but we definitely recommend using live bait. It is more
expensive, and it does attract other fish that are too happy to steal it – but
we think it will provide you with your best chance of catching a fantastic
tarpon specimen.

Contact us now to book your Delray Beach Tarpon Fishing Charter for a highly challenging adventure.