Delray Beach Tuna Fishing

Delray Beach tuna fishing

Tuna fishing is easily one of the most requested Delray Beach fishing charters that
we offer. Incredibly challenging, super fun and exciting; tuna fishing is an
adventure of pure adrenalin.

Tuna is numerous off the coast of Delray Beach. Yellowfin and blackfin tuna are the
most common species caught; both of which are powerful fish that are extremely
fast – ensuring all anglers get a thrilling challenge out of catching them.
Recorded at speeds of 40mph, their bodies are aerodynamic and built perfectly
for catching small bait fish. Frozen bait and live bait work very well, and
when a tuna fish swallows your bait you will be in for a joy-ride. You can feel
them take your line, and you can frequently hear them too.

In Delray Beach, the two most common fishing techniques for catching tuna are kite
fishing or trolling. One of the most sought-after fish to catch, tuna is also
known world-wide as absolutely delicious. The increased demand for sushi has
caused the popularity of yellowfin, blackfin and bluefin tuna to rise
enormously. Commercial fishermen, recreational fishermen and charter fishermen
are all looking for tuna. To give you an idea - a bluefin tuna once sold in
Japan for $400 000!

Our Delray Beach tuna fishing charter customers regularly ask us if they can eat their
catch – immediately and right there on the boat. In theory, yes, fresh Delray
Beach tuna is most decidedly tasty; but it is extremely messy. We prefer to
clean them and fillet them once we get back to the dock; where we will do all
of that for you. Tuna fishing is a firm favourite among our clients and crew

Call us today to book your Delray Beach Tuna Fishing Charter to be part of this excitement.